Sunday, 22 June 2014

#Bookaday - Day 22

Day 22 - Out of print

Eh.  I don't know.  I don't have that many books, and the ones I do have aren't that old...  Although I suspect the James Herriot's aren't currently in-print...  Damnit, they're on Amazon with fancy trendy covers.  I prefer the retro 70s covers I have, which are of the same era of the ones I first read at the parentals.


Other News -

  • I am waiting for my new glasses to arrive.  I was horrified at the cost, but they work out at something like 15p a day to wear.  And for the quality of life they provide etc etc, it's actually very worth it.  I couldn't function without them.  I got sunglasses as well, in a style much cooler/trendier than my current pair (which I've currently mis-placed somewhere), and generally more practical for summery weather.  I'm particularly looking forward to wearing them this summer. :)
  • My tenure at UMPS comes to an end in 4 weeks and 3 days.  There are thoughts/feels to be had about that, but I'll save them for a proper post nearer the time.  I will be starting at IIS in September.  I know nothing about that school save what is on their website and things I gleaned during interview.  I go to spend the day there on the 7th July AND meet my new class at the same time.  Excitement. :)
  • Plans are in the works for the summer holidays!  The festivities kick off on the 20th July, a few days before the actual end of term, with a Boyzone concert, literally a 5 minute drive from my house.  My inner 14 year old is DYING.  So excited to bop along to some feel-good classics. :)  The only other date set is Adele and I's "sort of annual" trip to Ragdale Hall on the 13th August.  And I'm almost certainly going to Liverpool for at least 2 - more likely 3 - nights on the 4th.  Adele and I are also planning a trip to Birmingham for shopping at some point.
  • I don't have anything planned for the second half of August yet.  There has been talk of meeting up with Joanne from SPS at some point, and my current TA Kerrie and I are determined to get together for a soozled evening of merriment. ;)  There is also plans for BBQ's at Catherine's new house with the UMPS Team Awesome.  And yet more BBQ's with the lovely Lauren and Cate.
  • I am thinking of re-locating this here blog.  I am increasingly falling out of love with Blogger/Blogspot.  It's clunky and won't let me do images without a hell of a fight.  I hear good things about Wordpress, so that might be the way forward.
  • I have just over a week left with my PGCE student.  It's been fun having her, a learning experience for me, and I've been quite lazy as a result.  However, this past week, and this week as well, I've been used to do all the necessary cover down my end of the school.  I don't mind that much, but it's always harder work in someone else's class, when you don't know the kids as well as you know your own.  It was sold to me for this week as "it'll give your student a chance to manage them all by herself, because whenever you walk in, they switch off from her."  Hmmm...  Dress it up in half-compliments but let's be honest, it's actually because the person who is meant to do the cover just doesn't like doing it very much.  I can sniff through her BS a mile off.
  • Got some bad sunburn on Wednesday during sports day.  It was fine on Thursday, but Friday and Saturday, it itched like a devil.  So much so that it really hurt.  I wasn't a happy camper.  Fortunately today it seems to have calmed down a lot.  It's still super-sensitive and doesn't much like to be touched, but at least the itch is all but gone.
  • Making some plans for celebrating my 30th at the end of September.  Pretty much know what I want to do, now just deciding who I want to invite.  Keeping it small certainly.  Just the bezzie mates.  Need to crack on with that over the new couple of weeks.  It's still 3 months away, but I know how places/people book up quick.
  • ... I think that's it!  Almost time for the finale of 'Fargo'.  What a great series it's been!  Kind of reminds me of 'The Returned' in terms of creepiness, but without the subtitles. ;)

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  1. One blog I follow managed to import 5 years worth of photos and posts into Wordpress when she moved it so I know it can be done.