Sunday, 29 June 2014

#Bookaday - 23 to 29

Day 23 - Made to read at school

I've never actually owned a copy of it myself...  But one of the best things I had to read at school was 'The Crucible', a play by Arthur Miller.  We went to see it performed live, and it's absolutely amazing.  Despite it having been 13-14 years since I did it at school, I still have my ear to the ground to listen out for anyone local-ish, and decent, putting it on.
And funnily enough, a quick Google has revealed that the Old Vic are doing it this summer.  Got me a ticket. :D

Day 24 - Hooked me in to reading

Are we talking about kids books here?  I guess the Enid Blyton books were pretty pivotal for me.  I first read 'Mallory Towers' age... 8 or 9-ish?  I loved those.  Then I read the 'St Clare's' series, which I also enjoyed.  I also read many of 'The Famous Five' around that age and enjoyed them as well.  Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl were what I read most of as soon as I was a confident independent reader.

Day 25 - Never finished it

I don't like "not finishing" books, but there have been a few that I've either just given up on, or just ended up putting down and not picking up again.  Memorable examples would be 'Helen Of Troy' by Margaret George.  I got about a 5th of the way through it at least twice, before giving it a final shot, and finishing it.  I enjoyed it a lot in the end.  But I think the issue with her books is that they are HUGE, and to start on one is a big commitment.  Similarly, I have her book about Elizabeth I that I got about a 5th of the way through and then dropped.  Like the other, I do intend to give it another go sometime soon.
I'm currently reading 'The Wasp Factory' by Iain Banks, but am considering dropping it.  Nothing much is happening, and what is happening is odd and not to my taste.  I'll give it another 20 pages or so, and then decide.

Day 26 - Should have sold more copies

I wouldn't know what has sold lots of copies, and what hasn't...

Day 27 - Want to be one of the characters

Pretty much anyone from the Wilbur Smith 'Courtney Family' series will do!  It's an epic tale of the "adventures on the high seas" type.  Great fun.  Failing that, perhaps Ayla from 'The Earth Children' series.  An epic 6-book marathon that both Mum and I enjoyed a lot.

Day 28 - Bought at my favourite independent book shop

I have very rarely been in any independent book shops, and certainly not enough to have a favourite book from one.  I make it a personal point to support Waterstones, because I'd be sad to lose a dedicated-to-books shop from the high street (as opposed to WHSmiths, who sell lots of books AND lots of other things), but I wouldn't consider them very "independent".

Day 29 - The one I have re-read most often

Hmmm...  There are many on my shelves that I have read at least twice...  I wouldn't say that there were any that immediately jump out at me as having been read a lot more times than that.

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