Thursday, 8 May 2014

A mid-week update?!

Look at me!  Updating mid-week!  What's happening?!

So...  What's the gossip?

Nothing that interesting to be honest...

Although I'm starting to enter that sad phase at work, where I realise that I'll probably be leaving again before long...  I've had an interesting and busy week at school, where I've had compliments thrown at me from all angles.  And because of past issues, that is both extremely flattering and oddly depressing, when I realise that I'm not going to be around to make the most of that good feeling.

And I got a lovely text from my TA yesterday to say that another TA had stopped her yesterday to say "how lovely I am", and my TA had agreed with her.  I am both sad and flattered.  Because I do make a conscious effort to be nice to people at work.  I say good morning and ask how they are, and try to listen to the answer.  I try not to get involved in work-place bitching and I've tried really hard to be caring and supportive towards the NQT working with me.  Yesterday she was trying to engineer situations in which I could stay with her for another year.  :)  And I guess it has been noticed, because after my PGCE student had some difficulties with a parent and another member of staff yesterday while I wasn't in class, when I came back and went around speaking to various senior management on her behalf, there was lots of talk of "Sally will look after you, ask her anything, she'll help you, she's great, etc etc".  Perhaps a little more went into my selection as a final placement mentor beyond "we're getting a bit short of qualified staff"?  I don't know.

Speaking of my student; her tutor came in today and we did a joint observation on her.  Afterwards, the chat the tutor and I had outside was most interesting, and great for me.  We'd noticed the same things, and commented on the same things.  This was reassuring for me in that I was able to comment confidently on the good elements of the lesson, and make sensible suggestions for areas to develop.  And was yet further reassurance for me that I do know what I'm doing.  I get validation on that every single day practically.  Yet I've not completely shaken off the evil demons who tell me otherwise!

Anyway, enough self-reflection for today!

Looking forward to the weekend!  It's Eurovision on Saturday night, which I completely love!  It's funny and quite fascinating!  It's even better if you get a little drunk, which makes it all the more absurd and surreal.

In other news, I went to another of the National Theatre Live screenings at the cinema.  It was King Lear this time...  For some reason, I wasn't completely feeling the love.  I was very tired that day, and was struggling to remain with the Land Of The Conscious.
That being said, I did manage to win myself 2 free tickets to the next NTLive screening of my choice. :D
The manager always comes in and asks the audience a question to have a chance to win.  And I knew the answer.
I knew that Tom Hiddleston had played Coriolanus in a recent NTLive event.
I knew that because I went to see it.
I went to see it because I have a soft spot for Tommy boy.  ;)

Who knew that indulging in Shakespeare because you have a crush on the lead actor could ever pay off?  ;)

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Update Time!

It's a bank holiday in these parts, which is lovely!

It is sunny, but cold, and I am feeling relaxed and at peace with the world at large. 
I'm pretty sure it was the Saturday of May bank holiday last year that I did one of my epic walks, and afterwards decided to do the 'Shine' walk!  Fun times. :)

I have just returned from a pleasant lunch/Starbucks with my mate Adele.  We went to a new place in Kingsthorpe, where we had a big old feed for very little money.  The only downside was the screamy disabled man on the next table, who shouted loudly and aggressively at regular intervals.  Oh, and the appallingly bad bank holiday drivers out and about.  The worst were (I think) a father/daughter pair on bicycles, who decided to veer across my path with no indication of their intentions.  This was on a main road, and they were quite lucky that I didn't hit them.  I mean, I wasn't "that" close...  But if I had come into contact, it absolutely wouldn't have been my fault.  They simply weren't concentrating.  Or looking.

Anyway, Adele and I indulged ourselves in lots of idle chat about our mutual love for 'Sherlock'.  Specifically Benedict Cumberbatch.  And then we played "Deductions" on a clueless woman sitting across for us.  It was fun. :)

In other news, my student teacher started on Tuesday.  I have yet to see her teach a lesson, and that will be the moment where I discover if she is good/bad/or otherwise.  I hope for good, but we shall see.  On Thursday she read the class a story.  Which felt strange for me.  I hoped the children would behave and I hoped she'd do a good job.  But at the same time, it was odd to see the children looking to someone else as "teacher".  They're my babies!  I don't share! LOL.  It is also odd to find myself in the position of being the knowledgeable one!  And realising that I do actually know what I'm talking about.

We'll see how this progresses, anyway!