Friday, 23 August 2013

I'd Tap That

My brain took one of it's convoluted, tangled little strolls this afternoon.

It began with a 3-hour long performance of Benjamin Britten's opera 'Billy Budd', which I've wanted to see for a long time, and found out about a month ago that Glyndebourne opera company were doing an online screen of the 2010 performance of the show.  Anyway, it was very good, and as it's an all-male cast, there were plenty of opportunities for eye candy.  The chap who played Billy was particularly pleasing on the eye...

This led me to consider that I have a LoveFilm disc to watch.  'Lawless', with Tom Hardy in it as some gun-toting gangster.  Now Tom Hardy is very high up my "I'd Tap That" list.
(Sums up my feelings quite succinctly)
So then my brain went down a very enjoyable path of "so who exactly would join Tom on "Sally's I'd Tap That List"?
So I present, in no particular order...  The List.
Tom Hardy

Okay...  He totally transforms himself physically for every role, looking completely different every time I see him, often looking completely un-lovely.  He has a lot of slightly crap tattoos...  But he films TV shows about saving elephants and played Heathcliff in 'Wuthering Heights' in an extremely sexy manner, so all is forgiven.

Kit Harington

JON SNOW!  For those of you who haven't watched 'Game Of Thrones' I advise you to do so immediately.  Saying "I'm not really into fantasy" is no excuse.  I don't much like fantasy either, but GoT is SO SO SO the exception.  Get to Season 3, then we'll talk.  Because that's when THAT happens, and THAT AND THAT AND THAT.

I got off topic.

Kit is the pretty boy of the show.  But honourable mentions should also go to Jaime Lannister and Robb Stark, and a bonus to Tyrion Lannister for proving that little can be hot as well.

But Kit, all Night's Watch in black and noble and well-meaning and downtrodden and lovely and tasty tasty...  Lovely.

Josh Groban

Oh Josh...  My original dfhafhsdafaguh (that's a wordless typed expression of "You just made my ovaries explode, damn you")
Now he's just in the realms of "so cute!"  But I don't think I'll ever not love him.  If he's in England, I'll make every realistic attempt to see him perform because he's my cheesy little happy drug.

Bradley Cooper & Gerard Butler

A bonus twosome having a man-date at the Wimbledon Men's Final.  Pretty much the best thing about this match, apart from a BRIT WINNING was the camera continually going to this pair of friend-shaped lovebirds.  And they were SO into it! 
I dunno, just these 2 together makes me chuckle.  Gerard...  Reasonably tasty...  But I'm Bradley all the way.  I think it's those baby blue eyes and the butter wouldn't melt face.

Tim Minchin

Tim is the most talented person I've ever encountered.  And in things I admire completely.  Plus he makes me laugh.  For those reasons I can overlook the mad hair.  He is the perfect example of the inside of someone's head winning me over LONG before the external appearance got a look-in.  Now I want to have a 3-hour lunch with him AND have his ginger babies.

Now, 2 bonus categories:

Firstly,  Men over 40 who still qualify as a "Tap That".

Kiefer Sutherland

No...  Actually, just give me the entirely fictional Jack Bauer...  Grrrr

Kenneth Branagh

Had a soft spot for him since I can't remember when...  But saw him recently in Macbeth and it just reminded me that "oh yeah... I like him as well."

Second bonus category - The girl crush.

Jennifer Lawrence

Not because she's exceptionally beautiful, but because she says stuff like this ^.  And she kicks butt as Katniss in The Hunger Games.

So which lovely men (or women!) are on your list?