Saturday, 21 June 2014

#Bookaday - Day 16 - 21

Happy Midsummer's Day!

Today I am trying to finish off writing school reports (why are the last 3 always the hardest?) and battling insanely itchy sunburn.  It's quite bad.


Day 16 - Can't believe more people haven't read
Basically anything by Margaret George.  She writes historical fiction based on the lives of people from long ago.  I've read and loved her books on Cleopatra, Henry VII, Mary - Queen of Scots and Helen of Troy.  I struggled with her book on Mary Magdalene, and I've started twice - and given up twice - on her book about Elizabeth I.
But still, when she's good, she's amazing.  And she's not well-known.

Day 17 - Future classic
I don't known it, but read it last summer holiday - and it was 'The Orphan Master's Son' by Adam Johnson.  It's about life in North Korea, which is a place I find fascinating.  I could never put my finger on what it was I loved about this book, other than I did.  It was one of those books I was very sad to put down at the end.

Day 18 - Bought on a recommendation
Over the Christmas break I read Stephen King's "On Writing".  In it, he mentions a great number of his books (obviously), but one that stuck in my mind as one I might enjoy was 'Misery'.  I've yet to read it, but it's on my shelf.  Previously, the only book of his I've read was "Carrie", and that must be 10 years ago, at least.

Day 19 - Still can't stop talking about it
My 2 all-time favourite children's picture books are "Dogger" and "Burglar Bill".  Whenever they come up in conversation at work (and working in a primary school, that conversation often happens), these 2 are the books I talk about.

Day 20 - Favourite cover
I couldn't tell you.  Covers are basically insignificant to me.

Day 21 - Summer read
I don't actually own this book any more, but one I've read before on sunloungers etc is "Beach Babylon".  It's a behind the scenes, somewhat fictional (I'm guessing) expose of life at a luxury resort "somewhere".  It's quite funny, silly and a guilty pleasure. 
The "something Babylon" books are a series, of which I've read most of them.

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