Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Well, well...

Is late-night blogging becoming a thing for me?

I guess it is while I'm on summer holiday.

As is entirely normal for me, in an extended stretch of time off, my body clock lurches forwards by about 2 hours.  So rather than getting up, forced by the alarm, at 7am, and falling into bed, knackered @ 9:30/10pm - I'm waking up more naturally at about 9am and going to bed closer to midnight...

There is something about the quiet of late nights that appeals to me, that I've never quite been able to put my finger on.  All I know is that it's when I'm at my most thoughtful, I make my best plans, and when I most open to new ideas.  Hence why I often find myself blog-hopping, or Pintrest-hopping, and discovering fascinating blogs, by all kinds of fascinating people, and then spending ages pouring through pages and pages of their work.  All late at night.


I didn't actually come here to talk about blog hopping.  I actually came to talk about fandom...

Ahhh... delicious, sweet fandom.

The reason being, I had a marvellous set-to via PM on the "Angry(feet)" forum first thing this morning.  This woman I did battle with got more and more enraged as the exchange went on.  The grammar got worse and worse and the leaps of her brain within the argument got more and more peculiar.
Anyway, I eventually got bored and made my final statement: -

"You won't hear from me again, because it's like talking to a wall. A very articulate, intelligent wall. But a wall nonetheless. And I have things to do today, that don't involve sitting around, on the computer, arguing."

Naturally, random woman replied, absolutely spitting teeth that she'd lost the chance to have the last word.  *evil smirk*

That's my lesson to you, children.  Always make your closing statement in an argument before your opponent expects it.  That way, they've lost their chance to make a witty exit and are making their final furious declarations into unacknowledged thin air.

Anyway, I hadn't actually planned to fall into a flame-war.  Indeed, I don't think I've had such a good one for a fair few years.

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  1. Now I actually know where your blog is I can read it. Just before unfriending a lady on Facebook who thought she was saving the human race by posting things like "Share this graphic to show your support for people with cancer" I said "I'm unfriending you after posting this comment as I'm not getting anything out of being friends with you. I wish you well". She was hopping mad that she couldn't continue the argument in public and sent me a private message to continue it.