Sunday, 9 June 2013

I'm still posting!

BOOM.  Hi.

I'm really tired today, for no real reason as far as I'm concerned.  Plus I have hayfever eyes, which struck about 5pm today.  They make me grumpy beyond all reason, and wanting to go to bed.  But there's a new series starting at 9 on channel 4 tonight... "The Returned" or something, that is supposedly really good, which I want to try, because I feel like there's a lack of anything decent to get stuck into at the moment.  And I'm pissed that I have to wait forever and a day to watch season 3 of Game of Thrones.  I'm currently reading book 2, and I've been spoiled about loads of the characters dying.  Which bums me the hell out.  I've literally NEVER been spoiled for anything before.

Anyway, it feels like it's been a busy week.  But I wonder if that is psychological, because my teaching assistant has spent the whole week looking frazzled and declaring "I'm so busy!" all the time.  I've pretty much failed to see at what she's been busy with.  All I know is that she's only spent part of one lesson, all week, supporting in class.  I manage totally fine without her, but that's not the point.  She's a "learning support assistant", so doesn't that mean... "supporting learning".  Not sitting in the "middle room" between the two Year One classrooms, bitching about how busy she is?

That being said, for about the first week since taking the class over in March, I really enjoyed them.  Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed them before this week, but it was this week where I totally felt like I had them firmly under the thumb and didn't need to be right on top of them constantly.  That being said, it doesn't stop one of the boys being an obnoxious little toe-rag.  ;)  J/K.  Only I'm not.

So, continuing from last weeks post... shit.  No, a week ago this past Wednesday's post:

1:  I have indeed starting tutoring a local 9 year old.  She's a sweet kid, I got good email feedback from her mum the day after, and it's easy money.  My current plan is to save it for a rainy day.  Some of it pays for my weekly pub lunch on a Friday, but the rest is getting saved.  I feel pretty good about that.  I'm wondering if, next academic year, I should rent myself out a little more actively for tutoring.  A friend of my who lives down south does it and makes good "pocket money".  She gets most of her clients from either word of mouth, or a website that I've already checked out.  I dunno... it's something to consider.

2:  I met up with my friend Louise, her husband Mike and their daughter Emily, last Friday.  It was a fleeting visit, but we've semi-arranged to get together in the summer holidays.  Emily starts school in September, which I can't believe!  She was 2 when I first met her.  How time flies.

3:  Met up with Adele for tea after work on Monday.  That was nice, and she's okay - all things considered.

Upcoming Attractions:

I take my class to Warwick Castle on Wednesday.  I hope the weather is decent, because it's mostly all an outside kind of day. 

Next weekend I'm heading over to Shropshire to the parentals house.  It's my cousin's daughters christening, and as I went to the previous family christening in the same location, I'm sort of obliged to go to this one as well.  Hazel and Brian are attending this one though, so it'll be nice to have the full compliment of family present.
Then on the Monday after... boom boom boom!  It's my semi-annual trip to Birmingham to see Josh Groban!  Last saw him... gosh.  October 2011?  It doesn't seem that long ago. 
No hanging around for autographs this time though.  I have to bomb it back for the last train to Northampton I suspect.  Partly to save money, and partly because if I stayed overnight, I'd have a somewhat frantic gallop to work the next morning.  It worked last time when I worked 8 minutes drive from my house, but now I leave for work a good 45 minutes earlier than I ever did there.

Anyway, I might update again before all that.  Might not.

Toodles for now, my little cherubs.  xx

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