Friday, 14 June 2013

Brain Dump

Brain dump...  Proceed.

1:  Those of you who are friends with me on FB will know of the utterly embarrassing situation I had in front of 40 children and 8 grown ups on Wednesday.  If you don't know, consider yourself blessed.

2:  I currently don't want to go to Shropshire tomorrow.  There is a reason I don't go over there for visits in the middle of school terms...  Because I'm too busy!  And next week is shaping up to be a doozy in terms of busy-ness.  Monday is Josh night in Birmingham, which means either an overnight stay in Birmingham, and a very-early Tuesday morning.  Or it means a hellishly late Monday night.  Both are equally dismal when I remember that I've got to do a whole-school assembly on Tuesday morning.
I really can not decide which scenario is the worse.  I'm currently leaning towards staying over in Birmingham and getting the first train out in the morning...  But I might change my mind again.  Because staying over costs money...  I DON'T KNOW!

3:  This assembly I mentioned...  Normally they don't really phase me.  This one?  I don't wanna do it.  It's probably largely due to the fact that I don't have the brain time this weekend to devote to being ready for it, because of family commitments.

4:  I left my memory stick at school.  I'm 90% sure I just left it in the computer.  But that evil JerkBrain is going "You lost it!  What if it's not there?!  You great big fuck-up you!"  So now, of course, I'm going to be thinking about it all weekend, then I'll dash down to my classroom, Monday morning, heart in mouth, to look for the sodding thing.  I hate when I leave stuff behind.

5:  Following on from this assembly, I have to then "manage" an event that follows on from it, for the whole bloody week.  I don't want to!

6:  Oh, and on Tuesday, when I just want to go home and sleep, I have to attend a meeting at school, which doesn't even START until 7pm.  Jesus...

I really should be excited to see Josh Groban on Monday.  But currently don't give an actual f**k.  Honestly.  I could stay at home quite happily.  If not for the fact that I've already paid £50 for the ticket.

Can I just skip this coming week entirely?

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