Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Still here. :)

So... not sure that the weekly updating thing is going to stick, but I thought I'd just sit it out and wait for inspiration to hit.

So... BOOM.

But actually, there isn't a whole lot to report.  So I may just bullet point some things.

1:  Browsing on Mumsnet over the weekend (don't judge me, the forum is quite good for a chuckle sometimes), on the Education section, where a request for a maths tutor in my town catches my eye.  Anyway, to cut a long story short, it's becoming increasingly likely that I might be tutoring a local 9 year old girl at some point in the not-so-distant future.  I'm charging £15 for an hour session for a little *coughcough* cash in hand pocket money.

2:  It's half term week here.  Glorious weather for the first 2-3 days, then rain and wind ever since.  Typically.

3:  I just had a really tasty dinner.  I make some fantastic potato wedges with pepper, chilli and garlic and phew, they taste good!  With a chicken kiev and some mixed steamed veg, I got the skills.  It was only when I moved out of the parents home, when I realised that things like potatoes could have a flavour beyond blah.  BURN.

4:  Got my hair cut today, which it badly needed.  My hair doesn't grow terribly evenly it would seem, because I always end up with it being really thick and bush-like on top, and fine and dainty everywhere else.  I'd meant to go last month, but the ol' financials were not in the best of health.  And it's stuff like hair cuts that can be taken off the to-do list without too much bother.  Anyway, I'm back to super-short and picked up a home dye kit to get back to "the colour I am in my imagination" later on tonight.

5:  Tomorrow or Friday I'm meant to be meeting up with my friend Louise (an old work colleague who it would be beneficial to keep in touch with for various long-winded reasons - namely, I'll need someone who will write me a reference or 6 at some point in the future, I'm sure) for lunch or something.  Only problem is, that passed the initial "hey! we should meet up! - "Sure!  I'm free Thursday or Friday!" - "Great!  Thursday?"  I haven't heard back from her.  I should text her.

(I just read point 5 back...  That makes me sound like a bitch who only keeps on contact with people who can do her favours...  I actually like Louise a lot.  We're good mates.  I'm not a bitch.)

So... that's pretty much it in my world for now.

Because it's a Wednesday night, I'm waiting for Mum to phone.  Ever since my first year at university days, Wednesday evenings, between 6 and 7pm have always been our time to chat.  Regular as anything.  Bless.

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