Sunday, 23 June 2013

What A Week!

I am soooo glad to be home this weekend, doing nothing much of anything. 

Leading up to this weekend, it's just been so busy.  Here's what I did  -

1:  It all started with the vomiting post-Warwick Castle.  I took the day off afterwards, but I was mostly back up to speed by the Friday.  Some post-heave muscle pain, but otherwise I was fine.  Which correlates with the theory that it was a bacterial poisoning rather than a stomach bug.  As I explained the suspect sandwich to my dad (food tech graduate), he straightaway went "The mayo did it."  I'm inclined to agree.

2:  Saturday morning I drove over to Shropshire and were later joined by sister and her other half.  We all piled in the parentals car and drove up the Long Mynd.  It was very, very pretty and I wandered how come I'd never been taken up there before.  I didn't even know it was there.

3:  Sunday was the Christening of Nancy.  It was sweet in the way only terribly informal Protestantism can be. 

Little people... oh, they get big so quickly.

(That's Rowland in the background - right hand side - My uncle.  Earlier in the year he was airlifted off the family farm after practically severing some fingers in a machine accident.  He was flown to Birmingham and they've healed AMAZINGLY.  With the exception of one still-mangled fingernail, he's only got practically invisible scars on his fingertips.  The doctors did a phenomenal job.  NHS FTW.  I hadn't seen him since the accident, so gave him my best teachery telling off.)

4:  Monday night was Josh Groban night!  I've not seen him in a while, and he was as ridiculously cute as always.  I had a really good seat, front row of the dress circle, courtesy of a nice lady on the UK Grobanites FB page.  I no longer have a JG fanclub membership (haven't done since about 2008) so didn't have access to the fanclub pre-sales, which is the sole reason I'd ever want a membership these days.
Anyway, I enjoyed it very much.  Got a little teary at "To Where You Are", rocked out to "Machine" and joined the group-sing of "You Raise Me Up".  The seat next to mine was empty, so I enjoyed having that extra room to sprawl out. :)

Stayed overnight in Birmingham in the end.  Got a cheapo room at the Comfort Inn right next to the station, which was very handy for the 5am walk for my train...  Not the quietest though, because they're rebuilding the station and seemed to be at it all night...  Alarms, beeping and banging all night long.

5:  Tuesday... after getting up at 4:55am... I was at work until 9pm.  That wasn't fun.  Although I did that assembly to the whole school I was moaning about before.  And it went very well.  Lots of praise on it afterwards, and the whole event I was launching... so far... has been a success.  I am pleased.  I finish it off on Tuesday coming.

6:  After school Tuesday, and the reason I was there until 9pm, was a meeting for the new parents of the reception children.  Where I'll be teaching next year.  I'm looking forward to it, as I love reception, but I didn't love sitting through a good 30 minutes of listening to a speech about hot school dinners.  Grrr.

7:  Not a huge deal more coming up in the world of me.  I'm taking Adele out next Sunday for belated birthday (hers) fun.  She doesn't know where we're going yet though.  It should be a giggle.  ;)

Oh.  I just wanted to post this.  I remember watching this on telly when it first aired.  I think I laughed 'til I cried.

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