Saturday, 4 May 2013

Epic Walk Season Begins Again

It seems like loads of my Grobie contemporaries from the LJ world are setting up new blogs at the moment.
First Kirstie set one up, then me, and then Kristen set up a new one as well *waves in case she happens to drive by*.  I've been wanting to for a while -  and you can see my first post here for more on that - because I've wanted to keep blogging, despite the increasing concern that LJ is turning into a rapidly sinking ship.  I still read LJ every day, comment and participate in the odd community, but the friendship group I had around me in my 2005-2008 heyday are rapidly departing for pastures new.  So it's a bit like... *crickets*   *silence*

I tried repeatedly to get back into the habit of blogging on LJ, but it just wasn't happening for me there.  Which puzzled me, because I like blogging, and I like LJ.  Unfortunately I just wasn't feeling it over there any more.

Shall I ever go back to regular posts there...?  I doubt it if I'm being honest, but I still want to read it and keep up with people.  It's just not a platform that particularly suits me any more.  If I was really sensible, I should try and export my journal from there...  It's almost 10 years of my life on and off, and I'd be devastated to lose it.  Perhaps I should make it my summer project when the 6 week break rolls around in July.

Sooo...  What's gone down this week?

Not a whole lot really.  Just the usual working stooge things.  Get up, drive to work, do work, drive home again, sit on the sofa until bedtime.

But this weekend is a 3-dayer!  Woot!

Today I restarted my (ir)regular summer tradition of the "Epic Walk".  About 4 years ago now I walked 20 miles from my home in Newbury, to Reading.  In my converses (which aren't know for their long-distance-walk-design) and with no particular intentions.  I completed the walk with a suspected stress fracture, and the walking bug.

Now, I'm actually the unfittest person in the world, but for some reason, have the capacity to just walk and walk and walk almost indefinitely.

A year later I completed the walk again, but in the other direction, and thus "walking home".  After 20 miles I had some massive blisters, but huge self-accomplishment.

This summer I would like do a couple of Epic Walks.  At the moment I'm thinking my house to Daventry (about 17 miles).  It's quite pretty/scenic and would be suitably epic. 
On my bucket list is a desire to walk from my house to my parents home in Shropshire (100 miles or thereabouts).  Now THAT would be Epic.

Anyway, back to restarting the summer tradition.  Because I'm a bit poor at the moment, free/cheap entertainment is the way forward, so I set out at 9:30 this morning with an intention to walk to a forest a few miles down the road.  However, it seemed the road I wanted had no footpath next to it, and cars doing 60mph 2 feet away from me - no thanks.
So, changed plans and just decided to follow a country lane that looked interesting.  Passed through a pretty village, through an industrial park, past a river and through another village before getting home.  Almost a circle.  The exact mileage, I'm uncertain of, but looking at the route I took on Google Maps, I reckon it was probably about 9 miles.  Definately not a record Epic Walk, but a good warm-up starter and apart from some oddly tingly feet, my legs feel fine.

Anyway, nothing much else planned for the rest of the long weekend.  I've just got back from the supermarket, and am currently snacking on some poshly packaged sugardrop tomatoes.  I also have Ben & Jerrys in the freezer...  Shhhh!

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  1. I drove by!

    I love walking. I find it relaxing and I think I like it more because it's how I first started to lose weight.