Sunday, 8 December 2013

First Week Review

Things That I've Done Lately:

1:  My Christmas shopping is almost all done.  With the exception of a plant mum wants, which I'll get a bit nearer the time - probably next weekend.

2:  Adele (my pet pharmacist) gave me a flu jab the other week.  Earlier this year, I did catch a fluey-type thing that lasted a good 10 days.  Also, teachers are (according to my union) included in the groups of the population who are advised to get it due to the large web of people we come into contact with.  Many of whom have less than savoury personal hygiene standards.

3:  Survived my first week at my new school.  I can't get over how fancy the building is.  The staffroom has under-floor heating for crying out loud!  And it is too hot all around school.  This is an extreme novelty to me.  Schools are, in my experience, usually freezing.  And in the classrooms there are skylights, which have electronic blinds, and you can dim the lights when using the interactive whiteboard.  And the lights throughout the building are all motion controlled.  And there are no key-pad entry points, it's all controlled by little swipey gadgets.  And yet, there aren't enough guided reading books.  So... can't have it all.

4:  I am due to get a new teaching assistant in January.  I spoke to the Head about it on Wednesday.  She said they've had 39 applications.  Wowzas.  For a 2-day a week job, who knew it would be that popular?!  I already have an excellent teaching assistant for the other 3 days, who seems lovely, so hopefully I'll get someone equally good for the other 2 days.

5:  It is a busy 2 weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday.  We did a play rehearsal on Friday morning...  And it was shocking how dismal it was.  The Year 2 team are the ones in charge, and they have left it too long.  The kids don't know their lines, or when they should speak, or anything really.  The first performance is only 6 school days away.  Hmmm.

6:  When I have a life-change, I find that I sleep like a baby, and have incredibly long and detailed dreams.  I've had some very long ones this past week that have seemed to go on for hours and hours!  I didn't actually dream about work at all though.  I dreamt about holidays, family, cars.  All sorts.  Clearly my brain has needed a lot of processing time this past week.

I think that's all to report for this week.

Another busy week ahead!

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