Sunday, 29 December 2013

Purging Again!

With the new year nearly here, I've been on Operation Purge again.

I did it during the summer holidays, but find that when I'm in the middle of a busy time at work (which is most of the time), I stop being as organised and tidy as I'd like to be.
I'd planned to get on it again during November, when I was off work, but found that I just "didn't have the spoons" (Google "spoon theory" if you're not sure what that is) to do Operation Purge, plus Nanowrimo, PLUS deal with car-related fallout.

Today though, I was ON IT.

Started with the bedroom.  Went through all my clothes and filled 2 bin-bags with charity shop contributions.  Also rotated what was left so that I'd wear some things I haven't worn in ages.  In fact, I am now wearing one of my oldest jumpers.  It's probably at least 10 years old, but it still fits, is in decent condition and isn't grossly unfashionable.  I threw away quite a few bits just because they looked old.  Not "bad" as such, but just well-loved, a bit thin, and very bobbly in the case of a few wool pieces.

Then I targeted my jewellery collection.  Took all my necklaces out and evaluated them.  Some of them just aren't the sort of thing I like to wear any more.  Realised I prefer dainty pendant-type pieces, not huge "statement" items.  There were even a couple of really nice ones I'd forgotten that I owned.

Next job is to target the random piles of paperwork round the edge of my settee.  It needs a purge. :)

I am also going to throw out the empty DVD cases.  The DVDs themselves are stored in boxes under the TV.  I LOVE the new system, and NOT having an entire wall dominated by DVD cases pleases me no end.
I said I'd keep the cases until Christmas, in case I changed my mind.  But I haven't.  So now it's time for them to be thrown away!  Huzzah!

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