Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Time Has Come...

Well, as some of you might have known, I have officially come to the end of my contract at SF School.  And I was sad.

I must say that it took me a bit longer than usual to settle in.  I was with a year group that I was a little out of practise with, who had some moderately serious behavioural issues due to staffing changes and a not-strict-enough student teacher for a term.  Also, I was in a town that I didn't know AT ALL.  I'd never been to this town in my entire life and it felt strange.

Anyway, I did settle and got the class whipped into shape.  Mostly thanks to a lovely website called DojoClass, which worked wonders with their behaviour.  Oh, and bribery.  By July, they became one of my favourite classes I'd ever had.  Most other members of staff who came into contact with them didn't have a single positive thing to say about them.  But I liked them.  I really did.

At the end of July, I went in to see the Head who said that parents sung my praises and that I'd done really well with the class.  Hello there, ego massage.  They were a job well done.

And now, after 3 interviews (my best success rate yet), I've been offered a post to teach Year 1 again at UM School, just 10 minutes drive from home.  It's not a school I know, but my Head at SF says it's a lovely school.

When the Head from UM called, she said how fantastic I'd been with the children during my observed lesson.  And when I fed this back to a member of senior management at SF, who I don't know all that well, she took hold of my arm and rather thoughtfully said, "Yes, I've heard that about you."

Well, let me tell you.  Right at that moment, I wished I had a direct line to the (now ex) Head at a previous previous previous school.  A person who ripped my confidence to shreds and left me with issues and doubts that I am still dealing with some 3/4 years later.  I just wanted to wave this conversation under her nose and say, "You know what?  FUCK YOU."  Those of you who know me well, will know that I'm not really an angry person, but she still makes my blood boil.  And the fact that she still angers me after all this time, just makes me angrier still.

What has happened over the past few days has just provided more evidence to the fact that she was wrong.

For what it's worth, karma got her recently.  And man, it was one of the sweetest moments of my life.  You really do get what you give.  Maybe not straight away, but it'll come.

It'll come.

Anyway, I'm feeling good right now. :)

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