Monday, 28 October 2013

Just so sleeeeepy!

Saturday day time, I think I was the most tired person in the world.  I went out for lunch with Hazel and Brian (a little new job celebration), and when I got home, the tiredness hit.  Then I went to bed as soon as I thought it was okay to do so.  ie: 8:30.

I'm finding the past few days that I'm okay in the morning, but in the afternoon, an absurd tiredness takes over.

Possible reasons -
An 8 week long term is hard work.
I've had a bug.  I had a cold which didn't amount to much, and currently have conjunctivitis.
Or my body is just going "aaaaaaaannnnnd.  DONE."  After a short period of not insignificant stress with regard to the process of getting the next job.  I think that perhaps we react in strange ways to a sudden and dramatic lifting of a stress point.

In other news - I got myself a new mobile phone, courtesy of Brian for my birthday.  It's a Sony Xperia M.  It's quite fancy-pants and does all sorts of tremendously complex and clever things that I'll probably never need.  I'm just waiting for a case for it to arrive from Amazon in the next few days, as I'm reluctant to take it out in its naked form.  All that delicate glass is just asking to get broken otherwise.

Tomorrow, weather-dependent, I have an exciting outing planned...  To IKEA!  For some reason, I didn't know there was one in Milton Keynes until very recently.  And I am in the market for some sort of side-table type thing.  Wildness in me knows no bounds.

And on Wednesday, much excitement!  Adele and I are off on our annual jaunt to Ragdale Hall for some day spa action!  I seriously can not wait for that back massage. :D  And that's just reminded me that I need to go and dig out my swimsuit...  I sort of know where it is...

That is all.

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