Saturday, 3 May 2014

Update Time!

It's a bank holiday in these parts, which is lovely!

It is sunny, but cold, and I am feeling relaxed and at peace with the world at large. 
I'm pretty sure it was the Saturday of May bank holiday last year that I did one of my epic walks, and afterwards decided to do the 'Shine' walk!  Fun times. :)

I have just returned from a pleasant lunch/Starbucks with my mate Adele.  We went to a new place in Kingsthorpe, where we had a big old feed for very little money.  The only downside was the screamy disabled man on the next table, who shouted loudly and aggressively at regular intervals.  Oh, and the appallingly bad bank holiday drivers out and about.  The worst were (I think) a father/daughter pair on bicycles, who decided to veer across my path with no indication of their intentions.  This was on a main road, and they were quite lucky that I didn't hit them.  I mean, I wasn't "that" close...  But if I had come into contact, it absolutely wouldn't have been my fault.  They simply weren't concentrating.  Or looking.

Anyway, Adele and I indulged ourselves in lots of idle chat about our mutual love for 'Sherlock'.  Specifically Benedict Cumberbatch.  And then we played "Deductions" on a clueless woman sitting across for us.  It was fun. :)

In other news, my student teacher started on Tuesday.  I have yet to see her teach a lesson, and that will be the moment where I discover if she is good/bad/or otherwise.  I hope for good, but we shall see.  On Thursday she read the class a story.  Which felt strange for me.  I hoped the children would behave and I hoped she'd do a good job.  But at the same time, it was odd to see the children looking to someone else as "teacher".  They're my babies!  I don't share! LOL.  It is also odd to find myself in the position of being the knowledgeable one!  And realising that I do actually know what I'm talking about.

We'll see how this progresses, anyway!

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