Sunday, 26 January 2014

Things That Have Been Good

It's been another busy couple of weeks in Sally-Land.

Work is generally good.  The kids aren't where I wish they were in terms of behaviour (lord knows what they were doing from Sept-Dec), but new strategies are gradually coming together and there is improvement.  For instance, this week I finally found the trick to get them tidying up to a level I find to be acceptable.  This coming week, it's nailing down on a group of boys who will do no work all afternoon unless I breathe down their necks the whole time.  They aren't maliciously NOT doing it.  It's just a case of 6-year-old boy-itus.  They WILL be trained to my whims!


Things That Have Been Good -

  • After watching the recent season 3 of 'Sherlock' on BBC1.  I've now been working through the earlier seasons and wondering why on earth I didn't watch them previously?  They are clever, witty, funny, intelligent.  And Benedict Cumberbatch is insanely hot.  ;)
  • I am STILL working my way through 'Winter Of The World' and am now just passed the half-way mark.  It's huge, over 900 pages of dense type.  I am still enjoying it a lot, but am increasingly ready to read something else.
  • A while ago now, the new Dan Brown book 'Inferno' was realised in hard-back.  Say what you like about him, but I LOVE his books.  Nope, they aren't particularly high-brow, he plays rather fast and loose with the truth, but they are a darn good read.  Now, when it was released, I thought I'd be frugal and wait for the paperback.  Why pay £9 at Tesco, when I could pay £3 at Tesco in a few months?  Well, months and months have passed, I keep checking online, and there is NO indication that 'Inferno' is going to be released on paperback any time soon.  So I have caved in and paid £7 for a secondhand copy from Amazon...  The intention was there, at least.  I can't wait to read it, but am going to hold of until I'm finished with WOTW.
  • Since September, I have been actively documenting all the surveys/product tests I do.  I don't think I've talked about them previously, but since then, I've made about £140 in vouchers, and perhaps another £30 in physical products.  Then when you add that to the £400 I've made doing my once-a-week tutoring, it's not to be sniffed at.  There isn't really a need for me to be doing any of this, but it adds up and has sort of morphed into my "treats" fund. 
  • Currently, the tutoring is showing no signs of coming to an end.  And while it is still worth it to me, I'm not going to be the one to end it.  It's 10 minutes prep and a very easy/quick hour of tutoring.  If would be stupid of me to say "I don't think there is any more I can do".  And when this deal comes to a natural end, I will actively look for another client.  Who'd have thought I would ever end up making money as a private maths tutor?  Certainly not me!  But perhaps me, as someone to whom maths never came naturally, but now has a teacher qualification, is actually the perfect tutor.  Because I understand just what it is like to NOT get it, and have the necessary patience to really break it down?
  • I've been enjoying Pinterest a lot lately.  You can check out my account here:

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