Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hello there, blog.  How's things?

Things round here, are busy.  The new job ticks along and I am getting into a routine.  There always seems to be an awful lot to do.  That "to do list" never seems to quite get down to zero, but I guess it's all about trying to prioritise what needs to be done right now, and what can wait a week or two.

Ummm...  I haven't really done anything this weekend...  I've read a lot of "Winter Of The World" by Ken Follett.  It's one of those massive paperbacks, that are almost too big to hold comfortably.  It's the second in a trilogy.  I didn't love the first one, but this one was so cheap (£3 in Tesco) that I thought I'd try it, and so far, I'm enjoying it a lot more than the first in the series.  I do like a big book that I can get stuck into.


So...  I read a lot of that...  I watched a LoveFilm disc that I've had hanging around since pre-Christmas, which was stupid of me.  It was 'Salmon Fishing In The Yemen' and was on my list as just a "might be okay to watch sometime" film, and when it was delivered, I was never really in the mood to watch a film I was only "blah" about seeing at all.  Anyway, yesterday, I resolved that I'd watch half an hour to see if it grabbed me, and then send it back in the post today.  In the end, I watched the whole thing, and enjoyed it more than I thought I would.
I really must get better with LoveFilm.  It costs me £8 a month, and if I'm on the ball, I can get through 1 a week, with turn around times.  But I go through phases of being into it, and watching a lot of films, and other phases of being completely not-thrilled.  Which is weird, because actually watching a film is a fantastic relaxation/wind-down activity for me, and with a hectic, pressurized job, I should make better use of the relaxation techniques I know work for me.  And I know what films I like.  I like comedies and dramas.  I don't like horror or sci-fi.


I had a text earlier from my NQT partner teacher, saying she was poorly and probably won't be in tomorrow. 
We alternate who teaches what, on what days, so I've had to make sure that her class have something to do tomorrow, in case she doesn't provide anything.  I mean, she's sensible so probably will, but I don't want to be scrabbling around at 8am tomorrow morning in case she doesn't.  Anyway, I didn't really need that at 6pm on a Sunday night.


I got given an iPad from school before Christmas.  Loving it!  It's too nice being able to lie in bed to catch up with my YouTube subscriptions, or to have access to the web in a matter of seconds, as opposed to a 5-minute desk top boot-up.  It's also great for answering those sudden random questions you have in the middle of a TV programme.  For instance, shortly into the new year, I had a sudden desire to know how old someone on the telly was, who happened to be in a programme I was then watching.  The iPad gave me the answer in less than a minute.
I've also used it a couple of times to hook into YouTube at bed-time for some relaxation music/guided meditation tracks.  I used them on my iPod sometimes, when I was having all the saga at Berkshire school, and still use them intermittently when my mental to-do list won't stop rattling round my head.  And now, with my newly-upgraded unlimited internet, and the iPad, I can lie it on the bed next to me and find a suitable track on YouTube, of which there are LOTS.  Very useful.


My mate Louise contacted me yesterday to ask if I wanted to do a spa afternoon at Rushton Hall with her in February.  I had an afternoon tea there early last year and was very impressed with the place, so I've agreed to go to that, which will be nice.
I still need to re-arrange my trip to Cambridge with Laura...  But keep putting off actually setting a date.  I'm still kind of anxious at the thought of it, which really annoys me!  I was actually thinking about my accident yesterday evening.  I don't know what triggered it, but it put me in a right bad mood.  It was the first time in weeks that I'd thought about it, to be honest.


Let's finish with a funny video. 
I've got a lot of time for Ricky Gervais.  Many people hate him, but I find him hysterical.

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