Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer is here!

It's the summer holidays!  Huzzah!

We broke up last Tuesday, and having received a respectable haul in terms of gifts from grateful children/parents, the year was done.

As an interesting aside, there were 2 notable absences in the gift/thanks giving realm:

1:  The parent I had to confront (or more precisely she confronted me) over her dear daughter pushing another children over in the playground before school.  When the guilty party cried (as 6 year olds who are being told off tend to do), the mum, who was not supervising her child in the slightest, rushed to her daughters defence.  When I told her what her darling had done, parent denied it all, "she wouldn't do that!"  Then rushed off to complain to the Head that "I'd accused her daughter of lying."  LOL
The Head asked my teaching assistant what had happened, then told the mother, in no uncertain terms, to bog off.

Sooo...  Yeah, think I ruined any chances of a gift there.  ;)

2:  Parent of "Obnoxious Little Toe-rag" mentioned in a previous post.  Gave a LOT of extra time to parent(s) of OLT, including an hours meeting after school on a Friday with the dad of OLT.  Did a lot of extra hand-holding/supporting of the entire family...  Didn't even get the most throw-away of thank yous...

Gratitude eh?  ;)

Anyway, did I mention that it's the summer holidays?!

The weather has been reasonable so far.  Some thunderstorms, which are fun.  Some heavy rain, but lots of sun as well.  It still seems muggy and gross at night though, so I'm still sleeping with the window open and lying on top of the covers.

I have made a start on Operation Spare Bedroom.  I've almost completely gutted some filing drawers that were filled with scrapbooking stuff.
(Scrapbooking was a hobby I had between approx. 2006 and 2009.  I enjoyed it, but then new career got in the way, time got squeezed and scrapbooking got squeezed out.)

I've held on to that scrapping stuff for 3-4 years, some of it,  and without using it, so I've boxed most of it up to give to Adele's little sister Louise, who enjoys card-making and all that sort of stuff. 
I could have tried to sell it, but I haven't the time or the patience, so rather than throw it all away, at least here it's going to a new home of someone who should enjoy it.

So, yeah.  Got all that cleared out.  And have made a start of clearing the stuff from the floor around the edges of the room...  It's a slow process, because I'm very easily distracted!   LOL

Ummm...  A few day trips are in the pipeline at the moment, which is nice. 
Today I looked at getting a ticket for "Warhorse" down in London.  But decent seats were £85!  I have a mental block going on if a ticket costs more than £60.
I paid £60 for 2nd row Josh Groban at Hampton Court Palace in 2008.  Amazing venue and all-round top night.  I'm doubtful that any more expensive ticket than £60 could top Hampton Court.
A shame, as I'd very much like to see "Warhorse", but I don't want to be up in the rafters, where I can barely see, sitting on a £60+ seat...

Continuing with the private tutoring gig over the summer.  Easy money, gratefully received!

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