Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blog #5's a good'un!

In 2004 I set up a blog on  I maintained it, regular as anything, until... 2010 perhaps?  Then I started to get bored of it.

I love (and still do), the idea of an online presence beyond the usual Facebook/Twitter blabbings, and still want an online bloggy space.  So much so, that since 2010 I've set up perhaps 6 blogs off LJ, 4 of them that stretched to post number 3 or 4.  But then I lost interest in those as well...

But now I think I've working out what the problem was.  I'd tried to theme them.  For instance, one was a summary-style of all the fun things I'd found online recently, another was a "confessions" style blog, another was a "this is something fun I did" blog, and another was political/skeptic.  All topics I'm still interested in, but not interested enough for them to hold down a substantial blog on their own.

So I've decided that blog number 6 will just be a mash-up of all those things, and anything, and nothing.  It might be "I did this!" or it might be a rant, it might be "look at this funny video!"  I don't know.  But the only way it stands any chance of success is by determinedly NOT being stuck on single topics.  Because I've learnt 4 times that those just don't work for me.

Oh, and the name "Wotsitweb"?  I've used it before, still like it, and everything else I could think of was already taken.  So "nurrrrr".

Oh (#2), if you've had an eye on other blogs of mine in the past, have no worries, I'm going to transfer some old content over here as/when I consider it relevant.

Peace, and sandwiches,

x S

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