Friday, 4 April 2014


We've finally got through the term, and now 2 weeks off!  Whoop!

When March started, I knew that it was going to be "the month of work", with nothing really to look forward to, other than getting through it.  It was just going to be a solid month of school, and I had nothing planned with friends, or anything.  But it was fine, because April was going to be significantly more fun, what with the Easter holidays. :)

So, us folk at school, had been looking forward to today, but in the end, left on a downer.  The reason being that we'd had to send off a child in an ambulance, not 20 minutes before the end of school.

We'd done a little swap around of classes.  My children were in the other Year 1 class, watching a DVD as a year group.  And Year 2 had come into my now-empty classroom to watch another DVD.  Suddenly there is running around and commotion outside.  My TA sticks her head in to say they are calling an ambulance for a child, and I go to lend support, being reasonably sure what I'm doing, with regard to first aid, and the like.  And, in MY CLASSROOM is an unconscious Year 2 child, who has had an epileptic fit on the carpet.
I suddenly became the communication relay-runner between the office manager on the phone in the corridor to the ambulance HQ, and the 2 members of staff with the child.  There were various back and forths on responsiveness, state of consciousness, breathing, heart rate etc, until the first responder arrives.  Because, you know, unconscious child tends to be a priority call.*

Once the first responder arrived, the job was to keep children away from my classroom. 

There is a "runner" in the other Year 1 class, who was severely pissed when I physically prevented him from choosing that moment to leg it out of the class.  There was no way that child was getting through "the wall of me".  Because I can be even more determined than a stubborn 6-year-old when it comes to body-blocking a door.  ;)

Eventually got all my class dismissed at the end of the day, and reported the large puddle of urine on my carpet.  ;)


*The epileptic child is now fine.  Regained proper consciousness very soon after leaving in the ambulance and is doing A-Okay.  Thank goodness!

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