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In the spirit of distracting myself from my own brain, I thought I'd do a post to tell you about

Basically, it's a site now run by Tescos (although clearly not actively promoted by them, it seems to be a bit on the "shhh!"), where, in exchange for reviews and some social media activity, they'll send you free products to test out.

I discovered BzzAgent about 2.5 years ago and joined for the freebies.  It does take a while for the ball to start rolling, but 2013 has been, for me, my year of free stuff.  I've done 13 campaigns for them since January this year, which is high.

I thought I'd tell about the campaigns I've done, and the products I've tried -

Vanish Oxy Action Stain Remover - Good product.  Not something I'd have bought myself, but I do find myself adding it to washes, especially light washes.  It seems to do a good job on those annoying little stains.

Simple Facial Wipes - Didn't like these much.  They left my skin feeling clammy and itchy.  And they had a funny smell.  Used a few then threw the rest away.

Halls XS - Mini sweets, a bit like Tic-Tacs.  There was a mint flavour, which was impossibly strong for me, and a lemon flavour that tasted like bad medicine.  Halls usually make cough/throat sweets, but these were very different.  Didn't like them.  And from other reviews I saw, other people were similarly confused about what market these were being aimed at.  I've not seen these in the shops since, so either they've gone back for re-development, or the idea bombed completely.

Azera - A coffee, made by Nescafe.  I was excited to try this campaign.  I like coffee and Nescafe is a good brand.  But I was disappointed by this.  Very wishy-washy flavour, very blah.  Threw a good chunk of it away.  I wouldn't buy again.  I have seen it in the shops though, so clearly some people liked it.

Tesco Free From - I was sent some coupons to spend on whatever I wanted from the Free From range.  The things I tried were okay, from what I can recall.  Although I remember the frozen pizza being a let down.

Veet EasyWax - I'm afraid I wimped out on trying this in the end...  Ended up selling it.

Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream - Intended for your feet, I actually use it on my face from time to time.  It's been very good for some extra-dry flaky patches I've had.  I'm not sure I'd buy it again, but still a good product.

Tesco Entertaining Cheese range - Again some vouchers to spend on anything from the range.  Hit and miss.  The goats cheese wrapped in pancetta was fantastic, whereas the pesto and mozzarella was blah.  A bit expensive, so not something I'd buy again.

Batiste - A dry shampoo, dry conditioner and a dry "plumping agent".  Well, the plumping agent was something I was never going to use.  The dry conditioner I've used a little bit.  And the dry shampoo I've really liked and found myself using quite regularly!  This is actually a product I will buy again!

Dylon Fabric Dyes - My product never arrived, so I've been unable to test that.

LowLow - They make little snack pots of cheese, crackers and chutney.  They were very difficult to track down in the shops, but when I finally did find one, I was very impressed.  Tasty!  I'd buy again.

Tesco Finest Chocolate - Still testing this.  Perfectly okay, but no better than its rivals.  I probably wouldn't choose it over another brand.

Havaianas Wellies - No actual wellies to test, unfortunately!  But in exchange for a few social media comments and a questionnaire, I'm entered in a competition to win a pair.  We'll see!

And so you see, a few "absolute no", a few "not too bads" and a few "liked it!"  Hit and miss.

I've also recently started testing with The Savvy Circle.
So far I've done Ariel liquitabs, Lenor, and I'm about to start on Febreeze car fresheners.  Which is ironic considering my car related trauma of late!

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