Monday, 5 August 2013

Are You Laughing Tonight?

I have found (and it's not just me!), that the older you get, the more you can appreciate little snippets of genius from things that very much aren't of your generation.  Things that your parents/grandparents might have laughed at, you now laugh at as well.

Earlier today I was doing the washing up to the tunes of Radio 2 (I'm old enough for that now ;) ), when this came on.  It's been years since I last heard it, but I was laughing right along with him.

I think we've probably all had that moment of getting hysterical at completely inappropriate moments.

And if it's okay for the King to do it.  I think it's okay for the rest of us!

My 2 other favourite Elvis songs -

Can't Help Falling In Love
Always On My Mind


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